IOST NFT “The Wind”- Limited & Final Edition IOST’s NFT Giveaways

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The IOST Year-long Event kicked off back in June 2020. To date, we have issued 8 Official IOST Commemorative Badges: 1. Dawn of IOST, 2. Genesis, 3. CoinCheck, 4. Pumpkin, 5. iDeFi, 6. Watermelon, 7. WaxGourd, and 8. HUSD.

From here, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the IOST global community members for witnessing the growth & development of IOST with us. Today, we will reveal the details of our last and most special NFT badge, The Wind, limited to only the first 200 global fans.

How to Participate- 4 Simple Steps

Event Period: March 26th, 2021 — April 5th, 2021

Rules as follows:

  1. You must hold at least 200,000 IOST in your IOST mainnet account during the snapshot at 10:00 AM April 2nd, 2021 (UTC)
  2. Follow IOST Twitter and join the IOST Telegram Group
  3. Comment/Retweet on IOST’s Twitter post with a congratulation message to this event with hashtags #IOST #NFT
  4. Fill in this form


  • Only IOST mainnet accounts are eligible for participation. Exchange wallets are not eligible. One wallet address can only participate once in this event. To create an IOST mainnet account, click here
  • Each mainnet account must hold at least 200,000 IOST during the snapshot. Unvoting is unnecessary for participation. The snapshot takes your total IOST into consideration.
  • IOST holds the right to select/ disqualify participants based on the content quality of their posts....

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