IOST Partners Korea’s Blocery to Revolutionize Agricultural Products Distribution

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Hello IOST community!

Today, we are very happy to announce our partnership with Blocery!

IOST has employees working in various countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Spain. Keeping pace with the development of the blockchain, we are striving to make practical adoption in each country. IOST defines key areas in which blockchain technology can create a greater impact, and is looking for companies to collaborate in that area. Today, Blocery, announcing the partnership, is a project that aims to revolutionize the distribution of agricultural products, and has been working on the project in collaboration with the Korean Government since 2017.

About the Blocery: Top-tier team with patents in the blockchain field

Blocery’s parent company, EzFarm, is an agricultural start-up with sales of 10M+ USD. EzFarm is an Ag-Tech company that combines agriculture with IT technology and provides platform services such as smart farm, farm production management, direct sales and distribution of agricultural products. It is a blockchain and grocery service company, a blockchain platform for agricultural products that will solve the problems in the distribution of existing food supply chains.

With over 80 employees itself, EzFarm also has a separate blockchain business division to apply blockchain technology to agricultural product transaction services. There are 15+ employees, including tech, business development, marketing & PR. It has been striving to develop technology and has already secured related patents in Korea. In 2018, EzFarm obtained a patent on how to use blockchain through web-based login. Last year, EzFarm also acquired a web session-based blockchain interlocking service provision system and method.

IOST & Blocery Partnership

IOST plans to secure real-life use cases by securing high-quality Dapps as the IOST ecosystem through a partnership with Blocery. Through collaboration with IOST, Blocery aims to grow into a global project by leveraging the overseas network of IOST. To celebrate this, ...

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