IOST Partners Rising Play2Earn Project Zodium to Boost NFTs & Blockchain Game Growth

September 14, 2021, ultra-fast, decentralized, and leading blockchain network IOST announces a new partnership with the Play2Earn Project- Zodium to further expand the NFT and Blockchain game sectors to the IOST ecosystem.

NFT Expansion on IOST Continues

In the third quarter of 2021, the IOST community has witnessed compelling growth in its NFT ecosystem.

The first milestone of the IOST-empowered global NFT Marketplace Revival launch was a hit in July. Built for artists, Revival strikes blockbuster sales in its first week of launch, with a total transaction volume of 1 million US dollars.

Revival NFT marketplace keeps moving forward and growing its global artists pool, highlighting new collaborations on a weekly basis. Beyond that, Revival is about to announce additional massive collaborations with global IPs in the coming days.

In August 2021, in addition to Revival NFT, another name that fuels the growth of IOST’s NFT ecosystem is RIZIN FIGHTING FEDERATION. Japan’s mixed martial arts federation sets to launch an NFT marketplace on IOST by the end of this year, bringing sports NFTs to the explosive IOST ecosystem.

The rise of NFTs on IOST has been a sight to behold. And adding an emerging Play-2-Earn (P2E) Project like Zodium is nothing less than the right call for the IOST ecosystem.

IOST x Zodium Partnership- Empower the Content IP Industry into Blockchain

Based on a mutual long-term goal at establishing the content IP industry in the blockchain field, Zodium and IOST have officially joined forces in developing practical IP businesses along with NFTs and games. Under this partnership, Zodium will embrace the ecosystem of IOST and grow globally with IOST’s worldwide vision and infrastructure.

Being a P2E blockchain project with a combination of NFTs and games, Zodium’s concept is inspired by the ancient oriental beliefs of animal and astrological zodiac signs. In ...

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