IOST Partners with LinkFlow Finance to Expand DeFi Ecosystem

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On May 6, 2021, IOST is excited to announce a new partnership with LinkFlow to further expand the DeFi and Prime Brokerage sectors to the IOST ecosystem.

IOST x LinkFlow

Linkflow is a new digital asset service platform that provides seamless information on the broad cryptocurrency ecosystem, suggesting a way for customers to access a variety of digital assets. Recently, Linkflow token (Linkflow Token-LF) has been listed on Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges based in South Korea, taking one step closer to the goal of building a more advanced prime brokerage and DeFi service platform.

The Ethereum network still has low transaction speed and high gas fee issues. Even after the Berlin hard-fork has been completed, there are no signs of improvement. Linkflow plans to expand to another protocol to tackle this situation. Linkflow would expand to the IOST protocol.

IOST is a next-generation blockchain that provides infrastructure for companies and developers to develop their ideas into services. IOST has a fast TPS thanks to its unique consensus mechanism POB(Prove-of-Believability). Furthermore, since the IOST network almost has no gas fee, it would help Linkflow to easily build its platform.

Chris Jung, CEO of Linkflow said, “Through the introduction of the IOST blockchain, we will be able to provide fast speed and reasonable fees to users of our platform. As the era of single blockchain protocol is over and the era of cross-chain has come, Linkflow is planning to join the trend.”

On top of the technology cooperation, IOST & Linkflow shall mutually benefit from the co-marketing efforts to expand the community. In addition, IOST will actively introduce existing connections (global partners, exchanges, audit team, project team, etc.) to strengthen the IOST ecosystem and collaboration.

About Linkflow Finance

Linkflow platform contributes to increasing transaction volume by using decentralized applications and ...

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