IOTA Research Status Update — November 2020

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IOTA Research Status Update — November 2020

This month our researchers have been hitting their stride on various projects. Good progress continues to be made on our Pollen testnet. We are especially grateful for the community participation in testing at this stage. We are encouraged by the level of interest. Elsewhere, we continue our regular engagement with our several grantees, who are doing fabulous work.

Meanwhile, some of our teams continue proving all the Coordicide components through our internal validation tests. It is exciting to watch all these moving parts in motion, as we move towards the launch of IOTA 2.0. Here is an overview of monthly updates from our research groups:

Pollen Testnet Implementation. Last month we released Pollen testnet v0.3.0. The main feature of this update is the integration of our distributed random number generator (dRNG). You can read more about it on our release notes blogpost and on the GoShimmer wiki page if you want to learn how to interact with it via API.

The team has also made progress on the mana branch. We have added new integration tests to make sure that both persistence and allowed pledge IDs work as expected. A new client lib has been integrated to easily interact with the mana API. We have also focused on building research-oriented toolings such as a special dashboard to better study the different dynamics of mana. You can read more about this on this Github PR.

Most of the current effort is being devoted to refactoring the Message Tangle and removing the Value Tangle by directly embedding the transactions as the payload of a message. This design allows for cleaner and easier management of both data and transactions in terms of inclusion and finality. To this end, we are also developing a new mechanism that should minimize honest transactions ...

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