IOTA Research Status Update — October 2020

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IOTA Research Status Update — October 2020

We are happy to share the following updates from several of our groups. It has been a busy month for everyone on the team. In addition to the work described below, we’ve also been busy planning our next ReSum meeting, to be held later this month.

We invite all the community to join the AMA with the IF Team happening next Wednesday (October 14th) at 1PM CEST | 7AM EST on Reddit. We will be answering your questions about Coordicide.

Without further ado, here are the updates!

Pollen Testnet Implementation. This month the team has been focused on cleaning up the entire GoShimmer codebase. We are taking a similar approach to the Hornet team by flattening the packages structure. This will be beneficial for the development progress and increase consistency between the two projects. We have added a new section on our wiki to describe our approach to error handling.

After finishing writing the mana spec implementation, the team started implementing it. We have focused on the base mana functionality such as mana calculations, metrics collection, and an initial integration with the new transaction layout and wallet. We have added new APIs to enable both retrieving mana related information — such as raw values for both access and consensus mana per node, percentile and highest values — and specifying the ID of the node when pledging mana while issuing a value transaction.

Given the importance of mana in our Coordicide solution, we have started building some visualization tools embedded in the node’s local dashboard to better show how it works as well as a set of monitoring tools to study its dynamics. You can see a glimpse of this work in the pictures below.

In addition, this month we have worked on two new RFCs, still in draft version, which address how to ...

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