IOTA Research Status Update December 2020

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IOTA Research Status Update
December 2020

This month our team has continued to see great progress on our major focus at the moment, the Pollen testnet implementation of IOTA 2.0. We are pushing hard to implement the final remaining elements of the specification in what will ultimately be our next major milestone in the delivery of IOTA 2.0: Nectar.

This first full implementation of Nectar, expected sometime in Q1, is a major release from our perspective, because it represents, in essence, our first successful delivery of the theoretical concepts of our Coordicide solution.

For those who have been following along these many months of Coordicide development, we are certain you will understand the significance of and our excitement about this initial full Coordicide implementation. More on this to come soon!

Below we offer our normal group updates, which include some details about our progress in various areas. In addition to the progress outlined below, we had two papers, “On Fairness in Voting Consensus Protocols” and “Committee selection in DAG distributed ledgers and applications” accepted for inclusion in the Computing Conference 2021. We look forward to sharing these papers with the community in due course.

Pollen Testnet Implementation. Last month we released Pollen testnet v0.3.1. The main features of this update are the refactoring of the message structure according to the new Tangle RFC and the addition of a community-based entry node. You can read more about it on our release notes blogpost.

The team has also made progress on the mana branch. We have added a tool to determine how much access mana would be generated if spending funds. We have added a new WeightedMana type for research purposes and refactored BaseMana and BaseManaVector interfaces. Both consensus and access mana have now improved integration tests. We have also focused on improving our ...

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