IoTeX 2021: The Year Ahead

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Another year, another adventure. IoTeX had a monumental year in 2020 — we made massive upgrades to our platform and protocols, launched the first “Powered by IoTeX” products, and expanded our global community. With a solid foundation in place, IoTeX will carry our strong momentum into 2021 with a refreshed focus on growth, awareness, and adoption.

2021 will be the year IoTeX becomes the leading blockchain platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

In 2021, IoTeX will introduce the first decentralized autonomous machines (DAMs) that will unleash powerful DeFi & IoT applications that are only possible on IoTeX. A new machine economy will be born where sensors, devices, and machines will generate new synthetic assets and autonomously deliver monetary value to humans. From fractional ownership of machines to real-time leasing of resources (“machine-as-a-service”), IoTeX will establish a new paradigm for trusted human-machine interactions.

In this article, we share our plans for hyper-growth of the IoTeX ecosystem, new initiatives in real world data oracles and decentralized autonomous machines, and high-level roadmap for 2021.

Hyper-Growth of the IoTeX Ecosystem

IoTeX is one of the most unique, performant, and reliable networks in the world, powering an ever-growing ecosystem of devices (e.g., Ucam, Pebble), DApps (e.g., mimo, Cyclone), and services (e.g., ioPay, ioTube). Even with our incredible progress over the past three years, we still treat every day like it’s Day 1 — IoTeX is just getting started.

In 2021, we will prioritize hyper-growth of the IoTeX Network, including users, DApps, tokens, partners, and exchanges. We will make the IoTeX brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and trust by strategically onboarding new partners and communities that share our vision. Finally, we will enrich our user-facing tools with a focus on making ioPay a seamless ...

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