IoTeX Joins Executive Committee of China Mobile IoT Alliance, Unveils New Enterprise IoT Solutions

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IoTeX has joined the Executive Committee of the China Mobile IoT Alliance, an invite-only network of 1,600+ enterprise members that include China’s leading IoT manufacturers, service providers, and distributors. As the only public blockchain in the Alliance, IoTeX will leverage our leadership role to introduce blockchain technology to the $350 billion China IoT industry. This appointment to the Executive Committee expands our active leadership roles in top enterprise consortiums like the IIC, IEEE, and CCC.

Over the past year, IoTeX has worked within the China IoT Mobile Alliance to develop new IoT solutions in blockchain-based facial recognition and supply chain finance, which are now open to all enterprise members. We are also interacting with members to explore how existing IoTeX products like Ucam, Pebble Tracker, and Pantheon can be applied in real world use cases.

IoTeX products featured on the front page of China Mobile IoT Alliance website.

In this article, we explain the mandate of the China Mobile IoT Alliance, our new enterprise IoT solutions in facial recognition and supply chain finance, and what to expect from IoTeX in the future.

What is the China Mobile IoT Alliance?

The China Mobile IoT Alliance is jointly initiated by China Mobile, the world’s largest telecom company by subscribers, and global institutions engaged in Internet of Things (IoT) chips, modules, terminals, networks, platforms, applications, and other related industries. The Alliance was born under the principle of cooperative innovation and is a non-profit organization that prioritizes research and development, implementation, and industrialization of cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain. The Alliance promotes the widespread application of IoT to empower a global, win-win IoT ecosystem. To learn more, visit their website.

IoTeX’s product offerings for IoT enterprises on our member profile page.

Bringing IoTeX Technology to IoT Enterprises

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