IoTeX March 2021 Update №33

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Greetings IoTeX community! We are back with our Monthly Project Update for March. IoTeX’s Q1 2021 saw an overflow of new research, partnerships, and ecosystem initiatives. But behind-the-scenes, we have also been cooking up one of our largest blockchain upgrades to date: Mainnet v1.2 is coming soon!

Here’s a quick digest in case you’ve missed anything ;)

The next evolution of IoTeX blockchain is almost here — get ready for Mainnet v1.2! 🚀

In addition to massive performance and security enhancements, a new batch of exciting upgrades across EVM, blockchain database, and node management will be packaged into our highly anticipated Mainnet v1.2 release, which is launching April 2021.

IoTeX Q1 Development Update — Mainnet v1.2 is Coming Soon!

Welcome Binance to the IoTeX Delegates Program! 🌎Alongside Binance Charity Foundation, Binance now operates two nodes as part of the IoTeX Delegates Program. ️ Stake & Vote for Delegates:

Burn-Drop Tokenomics v2 is launching soon! 🔥💧 Burn-Drop Tokenomics v2 starts when we hit 3,000 devices — follow the countdown at Learn about Burn-Drop deflationary tokenomics

The IoTeX cross-chain ecosystem is growing rapidly — $IOTX holders can now explore new farms/LPs!

1️⃣ Two-way token swaps with Ethereum
2️⃣ Binance Smart Chain + PancakeSwap
3️⃣ Partnership with Unifi Protocol
🔜 Huobi ECO Chain & Polkadot

Get ready for ioTube v4 — our new cross-chain bridge for Binance Smart Chain! The IoTeX cross-chain ecosystem is expanding from “IoTeX ↔️ Ethereum” to “Binance Smart Chain ↔️ IoTeX ↔️ Ethereum” — more assets, more possibilities!


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