IoTeX & Polygon (Matic) Partner for Real-World NFTs on OpenSea & Cross-Chain Bridge

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IoTeX & Polygon (previously Matic) are excited to announce a new partnership to explore the design space of IoT-based digital assets and Layer 2 scalability. Our partnership will kick off with a cross-chain bridge for IoTeX tokens/NFTs, including ‘Real-World NFTs’ from Pebble GO. This will enable IoTeX NFTs to be tradable on OpenSea, a leading P2P marketplace for NFTs built on Polygon! In the future, we will explore new use cases for how IoT-based digital assets from IoTeX can be utilized across Polygon’s network of 200+ Dapps, including DeFi, games, and prediction markets.

As an EVM/Web3.js-compatible blockchain, IoTeX will integrate with Polygon and utilize its interoperability protocol to exchange IoT data and assets with Ethereum and other blockchain networks. This exemplifies our shared commitment to a multi-chain future — we are thrilled to explore this new design space and connect the IoTeX & Polygon communities.

OpenSea L2 NFT Marketplace, Powered by Polygon

IoTeX NFTs, Meet OpenSea on Polygon

Built on Polygon, OpenSea is a leading NFT marketplace that allows users to display/trade a variety of ERC721 & ERC1155 NFTs. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Polygon’s OpenSea L2 facilitates gas-less transactions, which means users can exchange NFTs with no transaction fees. OpenSea L2 is network-agnostic and will soon be directly integrated with the Ethereum OpenSea marketplace.

Pebble GO NFTs enabled by IoTeX’s “proof of presence”

With the upcoming launch of Pebble Tracker, digital assets (e.g., NFTs) derived from verifiable real world data will be minted based on IoTeX’s “Proof of Anything’’ tech stack. A variety of IoTeX Dapps such as Pebble GO, Scaleout, and HealthBlocks are actively exploring this design space, which will soon expand to Layer 2 with Polygon. For more information, see IoTeX’s recent articles on location-based NFTs in CoinTelegraph and CryptoDaily.

Cross-Chain Bride ...

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