IoTeX Project Updates №28 {Aug 16 — October 1, 2020}

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IoTeX Project Updates №28 {Aug 16 — October 1, 2020}

Greetings our dear supporters! We are back with our Monthly Project Update for August & September 2020. Throughout these two months, we have introduced DeFioT, released tools and services to support it, as well as, launched our first blockchain-powered product Ucam on Amazon US! Get up to speed with our summary below!

Ucam is now available on Amazon!

Every Ucam that is sold will drive value back to the IoTeX Network and stakeholders via Burn-Drop, an innovative tokenomics design coming soon to IoTeX. 🔥💧

Ucam is the 100% private home camera and the first “Powered by IoTeX” device. For those in the USA, buy Ucam now with Prime 2-Day Delivery via Amazon! You can also purchase Ucam with international shipping directly from the Ucam website.

Ucam White Paper — Official Release

➡️ Read the Ucam white paper:

Our new Ucam white paper explores IoTeX’s first-of-its-kind design for a blockchain-based, end-to-end secure camera system. Before putting a Ucam in your home, learn about the sophisticated technology that ensures your privacy!

➡️ Official WISeKey Press Release: $IOTX

IoTeX & WISeKey Partner for IoT Manufacturing Integrity ⚙️ WISeKey, a Nasdaq-listed IoT chip manufacturer and cybersecurity leader. We are proud to welcome this public company (NASDAQ: WKEY; SIX: WIHN) to the IoTeX Network!

DeFIoT: Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar IoT Data Market 💰

From August 31, IoTeX started to unveil groundbreaking infrastructure to fuel #DeFIoT — IoT data oracle, cross-chain bridge, a decentralized exchange (DEX), and more! Learn more in our #DeFIoT manifesto:

#DeFIoT: Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar IoT Data Market

ioTube: the cross-chain + multi-asset bridge to connect IoTeX to the blockchain universe

ioTube will enable new assets and liquidity from other blockchains to flow into IoTeX, as well as position IoTeX to deliver unique IoT assets to other ...

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