IoTeX Project Updates №30 {November 2020}

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Greetings IoTeX community! We are back with our Monthly Project Update for November 2020. Throughout the past month, we continued making enhancements to our products and the blockchain and completed the 1st phase of Burn-Drop! Let’s review the highlights of this past month and get ready for December ;)

Burn-Drop Tokenomics: Week 3 Update

Phase 1 is now complete! 90 Million $IOTX was burned and thousands of IoTeX stakers got $BTC $ETH $BUSD drops.

We are just getting started — Phase 2 incoming!

➡️ Explore the new Burn-Drop website:

➡️ Burn-Drop smart contract:

New to Burn-Drop? Wondering why thousands have staked >1.2 Billion IOTX? Make sure to read our blog:

Burn-Drop: Everything You Need To Know 🔥💧

Bringing Decentralized Governance to IoTeX Network 🌎

Find out about IoTeX’s new plans to bring decentralized governance and help us design a new foundation for community-driven governance!

Decentralized Governance of the IoTeX Network

➡️ Join the Governance Working Group:

Thanks to IoTeX Delegate & Halo Grant recipient SmartStake for contributing these great tools for staking/voting transparency!

IoTeX SmartStake Analytics — a Delegate performance + rewards analytics dashboard for IoTeX....

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