IoTeX & Scaleout Partner for Decentralized Machine Learning

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IoTeX and Scaleout are partnering to enable trusted, end-to-end machine learning and the first community-owned machine learning models via Initial Model Offerings (IMO).

Machine learning is all about learning and extracting value from data — if data is the new gold, then machine learning is the smelting process. As our world becomes more digitized, the data we use to train the machine learning models that will one day control/influence our vehicles, cities, and health must be raised to a higher standard. The $10 billion machine learning industry has yet to reach its full potential due to centralized control of the end-to-end process by individual institutions. But blockchain, as a trusted orchestrator, and secure hardware, as a verifiable data generator, have the potential to transform and democratize the machine learning industry. That starts now.

IoTeX is excited to partner with Scaleout, a pioneering federated machine learning company, to decentralize the machine learning value chain from data collection to model usage/access. As a first step, Scaleout will develop a protocol for contributor-owned machine learning models that will be trained with verifiable data from Pebble Tracker, allowing anyone to mine tokens by contributing their data to various models. The end goal is to develop an end-to-end solution for decentralized machine learning, including trusted collaboration, smart contract-based model governance, and on-chain serving of machine learning predictions.

Interview with Daniel Zakrisson, Scaleout CEO

Scaleout is a team of 10+ data scientists, ML engineers, and professors pioneering federated learning to build collective intelligence at scale, while preserving data privacy and security. Collectively, the team has authored 100+ peer-reviewed articles on AI/ML and is working with enterprises such as Swiss Airlines, EUROCONTROL and SITA.

IoTeX hosted an in-depth interview with Daniel Zakrisson, Co-founder & CEO of Scaleout, to discuss the machine learning landscape, how blockchain can ...

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