IoTeX & Travala Partner to Enable IOTX Payments for >3 Million Flights, Hotels, and Travel…

IoTeX & Travala Partner to Enable IOTX Payments for >3 Million Flights, Hotels, and Travel Experiences

IoTeX is excited to partner with, the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly online travel agency backed by Binance, to integrate IOTX as a payment option on the Travala platform. This will enable IOTX token holders to book over 2.2 million hotels and homes, flights from 600+ airlines, and 400,000+ travel experiences across more than 230 countries, giving a massive boost in utility for IOTX token holders.

Through our partnership, holders of IOTX will be able to participate in a cheaper, fairer, and more inclusive travel economy alongside leading cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Travala’s AVA token. Additionally, IoTeX will use’s corporate account services for the company’s internal travel requirements.

Book Travel Now with IOTX via BinancePay

To kick off our partnership, IOTX has been officially added to BinancePay, a secure and borderless crypto payment tool created by Binance. This will allow the IoTeX community to pay for travel in IOTX on via BinancePay, as well as purchase other goods with IOTX wherever BinancePay is accepted — coming soon to retailers near you!

Book flights now with IOTX on via BinancePay

The next stage of our partnership will involve a direct integration of the IoTeX blockchain to, allowing anyone around the world to purchase flights, hotels, and experiences directly with IOTX. Note: BinancePay is available now for international (non-USA) users, we look forward to welcoming USA-based users soon with our direct integration!

The Future of Blockchain-Based Travel

In addition to adding IOTX as a payment option, the IoTeX and Travala teams will also explore utilizing IoTeX smart devices like Pebble Tracker to record travelers’ journeys on the blockchain, fueling new use cases like decentralized ...

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