Ironman tires — buy winter and summer tires

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Ironman tires — buy winter and summer tires

Ironman Corporation is a Chinese company with American roots. The beginning of the brand was laid precisely in the United States of America in the distant fifties. It was then that the trial was released, the first series of car tires. The Ironman rubber was distinguished for its high quality and durability, but also its high cost. High prices never attracted the consumer, and therefore had to find ways to solve this dilemma. The easiest option was to save on raw materials.

Ironman went the other way, deciding to move their production to China. Labor, raw materials and all production mechanisms here require much less cost than in America. But for successful work, the Ironman company should make the way on a domestic market of China. Successful promotions and discount systems, bonus programs did their job and Ironman tires became one of the market leaders in China.

Even today, Ironman all country tires review says tire production takes place in Asia, but the general office is in America. Around the world there are about a hundred representative offices of the company, where they are ready to help clients solve any problems related to the quality, selection or use of the Ironman car tire.

Today, tires are exported to dozens of countries around the world, and especially large deliveries are made to Asia, Europe and the USA.

Ironman winter tires are not only quality, but also stability on the road in all weather conditions. It is worth noting that the formula of winter tires is kept secret, as the special components allow the tires to remain soft and smooth out all the shortcomings of the road surface even in the most severe frosts.

Ironman summer tires are equipped with special channels to drain excess moisture. There is even a mini ...

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