It’s Power Ledger’s 5th Birthday!

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To celebrate Power Ledger’s 5 year long journey, we take a look back our key achievements from May 2016 to May 2021.


  1. Founded on May 20, 2016
    - Power Ledger was founded on May 20, 2016
  2. National Lifestyle Villages — WA, Australia
    - First Australian blockchain-based P2P energy trading trial with National Lifestyle Villages
  3. Vector Limited — New Zealand
    - First international platform deployment with Vector Limited in New Zealand


  1. White Gum Valley — WA, Australia
    - Commercial deployment of multi-tenancy properties with White Gum Valley
  2. POWR Token Generation Event
    - Successful ICO ends on October 6, 2017, raising more than A$34 million
  3. SHAC cooperative — WA, Australia
    - Partners with Access Housing to create affordable housing for Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC) cooperative
  4. Origin Energy — NSW, Australia
    - P2P energy trading trial with Origin Energy
  5. Renew Nexus Project — WA, Australia
    - Receives $2.5M grant as part of $8M project for electricity market research with Power Ledger’s blockchain platform, in partnership with Western Australian and Australian Government, and CSIRO’s Data61.
  6. BCPG — Thailand
    - P2P energy trading trial with Thai-Government backed renewable energy developer BCPG


  1. KEPCO — Japan
    - Partners with Japan’s second-largest electricity utility Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO)
  2. Chiang Mai University — Thailand
    - P2P energy trading trial in Chiang Mai University with BCPG
  3. Silicon Valley Power — CA, USA
    - First carbon credit project: Partners with Silicon Valley Power on LCFS transactions tracking
  4. BCPG — Thailand
    - Power Ledger’s P2P platform goes Across-the-Meter with BCPG at T77 Precinct, Bangkok
  5. Vicinity Shopping Centers — SA, Australia
    - Across-the-Meter trial in partnership with Vicinity Shopping Centers as part of Vicinity’s A$75 million industry-leading solar program
  6. Extreme Tech Challenge 2018 Winner
    - Power Ledger named Extreme Tech Challenge winner
  7. American PowerNet — PA, USA
    - Partners with American PowerNet for the xGrid deployment in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection, the largest U.S. wholesale electricity market


  1. E-NEXT by Energie Steiermark — Austria
    - Partners with E-NEXT, a ...

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