Justin Sun’s JUST NFT Fund Biggest Buyer at Huobi Night Charity Auction, Bids Total at $229,000

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On April 10th, 2021 at the “Huobi Night, Road to Rising” party hosted by Huobi, the JUST NFT Fund founded by Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, has successfully won the bids for five NFT pieces out of the eight featured during the NFT Charity Auction at a total price of $229,000. JUST NFT Fund was the largest buyer at this Huobi Charity Auction. All proceeds will go to Huobi Charity for Huobi’s philanthropic activities.

The NFT artworks won in this auction include “Klimt” by BCA Gallery for $50,000, “KIII” by Liang Hongwei for $48,000, “The Crow” by Gabriella Barouch for $10,000, “Huobian Dream” by Dutch multimedia artist Jivinci for $33,000 and “Huo-Beam!!” by Indonesian artist Twisted Vacancy for $88,000.

Justin Sun, as an industry leader and close friend to Huobi with many years of cooperation together, has always paid very close attention to the philanthropic work of Huobi Charity. The 5 NFT works that he bid on this time are both a powerful manifestation of the mission and values of the JUST NFT Fund as well as Justin Sun and Huobi’s best interpretations of the shared vision in NFT and commitments to charity.

Justin Sun, TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO, says: “I am very happy that the artworks that have been bid by the JUST NFT Fund have become more diversified. It is also a great honor to be able to contribute to charity with Huobi. The JUST NFT Fund will continue to build a bridge between the world’s top artists and the blockchain to support the growth of native NFT artists in the crypto world.”

Justin Sun’s JUST NFT Fund had previously bid and won NFT pieces by Beeple, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol as well as the NFT piece “TIME The Computer in Society — April 2nd, ...

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