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with Joey Zacherl, KeeperDAO Co-founder, and 0x market maker

Last week, we were fortunate to have Joey Zacherl, Co-founder of KeeperDAO, join us on the 0x Discord server for an inaugural community AMA event hosted by yours truly 😊. The event was well-attended and seemed to be a hit with attendees, so we hope this will be the first of many Discord AMAs. If you’re building on 0x and would like to run a similar event, reach out to me on Discord (nikita#4377) and let’s chat!


KeeperDAO is a DeFi protocol that lets participants in communal liquidity pools (known as keepers) participate in strategies involving margin trading and lending. KeeperDAO recently launched The Hiding Game, which is the cooperation between users and keepers (arbitrage bots) to hide MEV (miner-extractable value) by wrapping trades/debt in specialized on-chain contracts. It maximizes the profits available from these opportunities by having priority access. The profits are then shared directly with the user as a reward for using KeeperDAO. The Hiding Game uses the 0x v4 protocol for DEX trades.

Joey is also the founder of VolleyFire, a leading 0x market maker. You can learn more about Joey and VolleyFire here.

Q&A Transcript

Q1: Please give some context on what “liquidation engine” means in the context of KeeperDAO and how it works?

A1: The first application of this liquidation engine is referring to a Hiding Game feature which will be launched soon. Our goal is to improve the DeFi user experience specifically in the scenario where a borrower faces a liquidation. Today, there’s a dark stormy cloud around liquidations. Gas auctions, oracle attacks and manipulation, collusion, etc., all to capture profit from liquidations. And at the end of the day, the user (borrower) is the one who’s taking this massive ...

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