Komodo Q4 2020 Roadmap & What’s To Come

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Komodo has made a lot of progress towards our development and marketing objectives so far this year. These efforts are leading up to a major milestone for Komodo—the stable beta release of AtomicDEX by the end of Q4! 

In this blog post, we are excited to share our goals for Q4 and tease a brief glimpse at the things you can expect to see coming up in early 2021. 

Q3 Achievements

Throughout 2020, ca333 & his team of Komodo developers have focused on major tech sprints for the development of AtomicDEX. The result has led to a feature-rich user experience for both AtomicDEX Desktop (referenced during alpha as AtomicDEX Pro) and AtomicDEX Mobile.

Roman Sztergbaum, Software Developer & Blockchain Architect

Tolga Ay (Naezith), Developer & Blockchain Architect

Thanks to improvements made in Q3, both apps now include an interface for tracking coins in the non-custodial wallet, drop-down UX rich menus for selecting your trading pairs, and a native embedded candlestick chart interface for tracking the market values of selected trading pairs. Last but not least, an API price aggregator provides a measure of how close or far the trades on AtomicDEX are compared to major centralized exchanges. 

Major Upgrades Coming In Q4

OCO Liquidity Multiplier — Users will soon be able to place multiple swap orders against a single digital asset using the OCO Liquidity Multiplier feature. For example, users will be able to swap against KMD/ETH/BAT/VRSC as a limit order using just 1 KMD. Whichever order gets filled first cancels all the other orders on the book.

Async Upgrade (Desktop) Before this upgrade, AtomicDEX Desktop requires synchronization (sync), meaning the app itself is only able to do one thing at a time. For example, you have to wait until the rewards ...

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