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Kusama Parachain Auction — All leading projects analysis

Testing on the Rococo network is near its completion. All main Kusama projects have tried out the crowdloan auction scheme. During the test, all projects were able to participate in the slot auction and try connecting to the main network as a parachain. Previously, these participants have tried interchain transactions in the Rococo testnet and some other parachain features.

Thanks to this testing and the active community support now we can tell with some sort of confidence what projects are more prepared for slot auctions and thus can predict what projects will make it to the list of the 10 auction winners that will get connected to Kusama as its first parachains. If you want, you can always check the latest news on Parachain News (https://twitter.com/DotParachains). This is just a prediction, and the actual outcome may be totally different. Also, we don’t plan to review all projects that will participate in the slot auctions, and this is our subjective point of view. You can do your own research to form your opinion. You can find more information about Polkadot projects on PromoTeam YouTube Channel.

What are parachain auctions and how do they work?

To understand why the auctions are important, first, let’s explain how it works from a technical point of view. Kusama (and also Polkadot in the future) serves as a Relay chain that interconnects all parallel chains (parachains) in its ecosystem. All parachains have their own governance and functions, but their security is rooted in the Relay chain. Currently, there’s a limited amount of available parachain slots that can be connected to the relay chain, hence all projects have to compete for these slots in automated decentralized auctions. You can read more about Polkadot and Kusama auctions and their rules in the ...

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