Kyber Ecosystem Report November 2020

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Kyber Ecosystem Report #21 November 2020

Hello fellow Kyberians,

2020 is almost behind us and what a year it’s been. On the one hand a global pandemic impacted all our lives and continues to affect large parts of the world to this day. On the other hand, our crypto corner of the world made significant gains on its march towards mass adoption. Our tooling got better, our products got better, and our understanding of blockchain technologies has been further advanced through exciting new experiments. ETH2.0 Phase 0 is now live and DeFi continues to innovate at a blinding pace.

2020 was an important year for Kyber Network. On-chain, the number of users, new users, and trades all more than doubled while volumes increased six fold over the previous year with December still to go. In the mission towards ever-growing decentralization, important decisions were placed in the collective hands of Kyber Network stakeholders through the KyberDAO. The KyberDAO’s first six months is a great demonstration of the viability of decentralized consensus building through on-chain mechanisms. In 2020 we also introduced KyberPRO, a powerful framework that opens on-chain market-making to professional market makers from all walks of finance. With this strong foundation we look forward to the network’s continuing growth.


The Kyber Network ecosystem is made up of different stakeholders including traders, professional reserve managers, dapps, wallets, and staking pools. As the Kyber Network team we highly value the inclusivity of these stakeholders in the KyberDAO as we believe more stakeholder voting leads to healthier consensus building and decision making. To this end, part of the team’s KNC has been delegated to 9 different stakeholders to use in the participation of the KyberDAO.

Over the last few years these teams have all contributed to Kyber’s growth either by building products on and ...

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