Kyber Ecosystem Report October 2020

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Hello fellow Kyberians and hello KyberPRO!

Since our launch in 2018 we’ve been building Kyber one fundamental piece at a time into one of the best liquidity protocol and trade execution and settlement mechanisms available on a blockchain today. Starting with proving its security and transparency with the initial launch, to building a diverse ecosystem around it the following year, to further decentralizing it through the KyberDAO governance mechanism over the last six months, Kyber has gone through important growth phases to get to where it is today.

After executing more than a million trades for over a hundred thousand addresses Kyber takes one more step forward with KyberPRO, our new end-to-end framework that opens on-chain market making to the broader world. Market makers from the conventional world of market making now have a toolkit with which to easily market make on-chain using KyberPRO’s suit of developer tools, documentation, technical and operational support, and run their algorithms on a battle-tested Fed Price Reserve system with access to a wide range of dapps.


With years of on-chain data to base our thesis on, we believe on-chain professional (or ‘manual’) market making is superior to automated market making in terms of trading strategy, risk management, capital efficiency, and other technical and financial considerations (you can read our full blog post on this here). But so far, professional market makers have been wary of on-chain mechanisms due to the unique nature of blockchain settlement and lack of technical knowledge around this area. KyberPRO tackles this head-on by providing a complete end-to-end solution for market makers’ needs and we believe this positions Kyber very well for future growth as more and more of the conventional financial world diverts its attention to digital assets in search of profit.

We’ve published a full blog post going ...

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