Lambo Registry App – The First Horizen Blockchain Demo App is Here!

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We are thrilled to announce the release of the Horizen Lambo Registry App – The first blockchain demo dApp created using the Zendoo SDK!


Lambo Registry is a demo app for devs interested in building on Horizen. It is an example of the customization capability of our sidechain technology. The purpose of this car registry app is to demonstrate the boundless possibilities of our SDK and enable developers to build based on whatever their expertise is. 

The Lambo Registry app shows developers how they can use the Zendoo SDK to custom build an app and extend it to support new functionalities, including:


  • How to set up the project
  • How to introduce custom transactions, boxes, propositions, and proofs
  • How to define the API to do custom logic operations
  • and how to let the SDK manage all custom data

Lambo Registry Functionalities

With the Lambo Registry app, users can store information that identifies their vehicle, such as VIN, the make and model of your car, the year it was produced, color, etc. Users can prove the ownership of their vehicles without disclosing information about their identity. Tokenization is also possible to allow users to buy and sell vehicles using ZEN. 

The same concept can apply to other assets such as real estate and collectibles!


There is More!

We will be releasing a series of supporting materials and activities to help developers build their own apps: 

We will also post bounties related to the Lambo Registry app on HDE.  Developers enrolled in our Early Adopter Program (HEAP) will receive these materials and invitations as they become available. If you ...

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