Layer 2! Full EVM compatibility! Metamask? Wanchain’s Jupiter hard fork is nearly here!

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We are happy to announce that the Wanchain Mainnet will undergo a hard fork — dubbed “Jupiter” — once the Mainnet’s Galaxy Consensus Epoch ID hits 18732. This is expected to occur on April 15th at 0:00 am UTC. All Wanchain PoS validator nodes and other relevant nodes, such as those belonging to exchanges, wallets, etc., must update their GWAN to version 2.2.0 before that time to avoid block synchronisation issues.

The “Jupiter” hard fork makes Wanchain fully compatible with Ethereum. This paves the way for the launch of Wanchain’s highly anticipated Ethereum Layer-2 solution. The “Jupiter” hard fork also gives Wanchain access to popular Ethereum-based tools such as MetaMask.

New features

1. Makes Wanchain fully compatible with the EIP-155 protocol

2. Changes Wanchain’s Mainnet chain ID to 888

3. Changes Wanchain’s Testnet chain ID to 999

4. Enables seamless migration of Ethereum DApps to Wanchain, including but not limited to MetaMask, Remix and Truffle

5. Enables Wanchain’s Ethereum Layer-2 solution

Please also note that the “Jupiter” hard fork maintains compatibility with existing Wanchain tools, SDKs and applications.

Update instructions

There are two basic methods to complete the update: script update and manual update.

Script update

The Wanchain team has prepared a simple update script. Users can execute the following script after logging into their cloud service node with SSH:

$ rm
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent....

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