Leveraging Latin America’s AI Superpowers

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GENIA Latinoamérica and Singularity Studio Announce Strategic Partnership

Decentralized enterprise AI firm Singularity Studio and AI R&D startup, GENIA Latinoamérica, have formed a new partnership focused on accelerating the growth of the Latin American AI ecosystem and implementing AI-based solutions to some of the most pressing Latin American regional specific challenges.

GENIA is dedicated to harnessing the power of machine learning and deep tech for the benefit of Latin America, through #YoSoyFuturo, their regional network of AI R&D Laboratories, building upon the first Latin American Regional Strategy, AI Diplomacy, and AI Inclusion. Singularity Studio is an enterprise AI solutions provider developing revolutionary next-generation Artificial General Intelligence technologies based on neural-symbolic learning and reasoning algorithms and the SingularityNET blockchain-based AI platform. The two organizations have come together to jointly implement next-generation AI Made in Latin America.

“This partnership is a turning point to make Latin America a vital element in the worldwide development of AI”, said Jean Garcia Periche, GENIA’s Chief Government Officer. “Singularity Studio supports GENIA’s critical mission of giving every country in Latin America, agency, and including the region into the global system of research and development, through our #YoSoyFuturo Labs.”

Singularity Studio has developed a strong track record of supplying cutting-edge enterprise AI solutions across a variety of vertical markets. A pioneer in decentralized blockchain-based AI, the firm offers custom AI development and integrations using AI-as-a-service (AIaaS), a strategy ideally suited for reinforcing GENIA’s regional plans.

Due to its history as a spinoff from the SingularityNET Foundation, creator of the first decentralised ecosystem of interconnected AI agents, Singularity Studio possesses unique expertise in creating large-scale decentralized “societies of AI minds” capable of cooperative and emergent intelligence. Singularity Studio’s ability to offer scalable AI services operating over large-scale decentralized networks will be one key component in collaborating with GENIA’s mission ...

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