Liquidity Pool on Uniswap Extended

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A chance to earn 500,000 $BLZ by participating in the LP program

We are extending our liquidity pool program on Uniswap. This will give our community an opportunity to earn $BLZ tokens without the need for staking on the Bluzelle platform. The program acknowledges the BLZ/USDC and BLZ/ETH pools.

Liquidity Pool Program Start Date: April 26, 2021

Liquidity Pool Program Duration: 6 weeks.

Under this program, an aggregate of 500,000 BLZ tokens will be distributed to the participants. This is a part of the 20M BLZ token supply set apart to be distributed for staking programs in the first year.

Why should you participate in the Bluzelle Staking Program?

Bluzelle aims to incentivize users in the best way possible as it reinforces its mission of creating a future decentralized internet. This program enables direct access to the $BLZ tokens without any lock-ups. Users can withdraw their BLZ any time without hassle. This program also allows users to earn a part of the transaction fees for every trade executed on Uniswap as a liquidity provider.

In order to participate have a detailed look at the guide explaining the steps and risk aspects to consider while participating in the Bluzelle liquidity pool program.

In case of any queries or clarifications it is best to come to our Discord channel.

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle aims to be the go-to data layer for Web 3.0 by providing a decentralized data network that is tamper-proof and has greater privacy, scalability, and availability than traditional solutions. Powered by Cosmos, Bluzelle handles 10,000 TPS and is a delegated proof of stake. Bluzelle’s DeFi solutions are being developed to enhance Defi with historical price feeds, provide data analytics, 360-degree views, and more. As DeFi grows, Bluzelle’s infrastructure services play a significant role.

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