Litecoin and other DeFi topics: a Telegram AMA Recap

Three core members of the Wanchain team hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) in Wanchain’s global Telegram community on June 23rd, 2021. Over the course of just over an hour, Jack Lu (Wanchain’s Founder & CEO), Weijia Zhang (Wanchain’s VP of Engineering) and Li Ni (Wanchain’s VP of Business Development and Operations) answered questions about a wide variety of topics including the recent Litecoin integration, enterprise partners, future wanToken use cases and more!

Below is a (slightly edited) transcript of the questions and answers from Wanchain’s three-headed AMA!

Q: How does the team plan on getting more adoption across the Wanchain cross-chain ecosystem?

Jack Lu: From a technical point of view, we will continue to innovate to ensure that our cross-chain mechanism remains the best in the industry. This means you can expect constant improvements in terms of performance, security, and user experience. Simultaneously, we will continue to integrate more and more heterogeneous public chains.

As you all know, we just integrated Litecoin and will soon add support for Polkadot. We are also developing a greater suite of developer tools to make it easier for developers to develop cross-chain DAPPs on Wanchain.

From a business development perspective, we have been targeting public chains that we think would benefit from being added to Wanchain’s cross-chain ecosystem and are already in talks with several prominent projects. We’re also reaching out to DAPPs and projects on chains we’ve already bridged (like Ethereum) to try to get more use cases for our cross-chain assets like XRP@Ethereum and BTC@Ethereum.

We will also do more cross-community building. We will do more promotions in different communities to demo our use cases and provide incentives to attract new users.

Q: What are you doing to bring more developers to Wanchain to create more applications and protocols?

Weijia Zhang: There is no doubt that ...

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