Litecoin has landed! Wanchain’s eighth Storeman Group selection begins July 1st!

Last month marked the addition of Litecoin to Wanchain decentralised cross-chain infrastructure. This integration is the latest milestone in what has been an incredible productive half-year for the Wanchain team. On the eve of the selection of the eighth Storeman Group, Wanchain’s industry-leading cross-chain infrastructure already supports truly decentralised bridges connecting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Wanchain, EOSIO, Binance Smart Chain, XRP Ledger and Litecoin… with more integrations right around the corner! Interoperable DeFi is no longer just a light at the end of the tunnel. It is already here.

The eighth selection cycle begin on July 1st, 2021.


Selection period:

July 1, 2021 04:00 AM (UTC) — July 7, 2021 04:00 AM (UTC)

Confirmation period:

July 7, 2021 04:00 AM (UTC) — July 9, 2021 02:00 AM (UTC)

Working period:

July 9, 2021 04:00 AM (UTC) — August 9, 2021 04:00 AM (UTC)

Maximum number of Storeman nodes:

25 (including 1x Wanchain Foundation node)

Minimum stake per Storeman node:

10,000 WAN (including “Partner-In”)

Selection criteria:

24 Storeman nodes with the largest stakes

Delegation Fee:


Delegation Ratio:


Supported wanBridges:

  • Binance Smart Chain-Wanchain bridge
  • Bitcoin-Ethereum direct bridge
  • Bitcoin-Wanchain bridge
  • EOSIO-Wanchain bridge
  • Ethereum-Binance Smart Chain bridge
  • Ethereum-EOSIO bridge
  • Ethereum-Wanchain bridge
  • Litecoin-Binance Smart Chain bridge
  • Litecoin-Ethereum bridge
  • Litecoin-Wanchain bridge
  • XRP Ledger-Ethereum bridge
  • XRP Ledger-Wanchain bridge

How to create a Storeman node

The yield of running a Storeman node is generally 50% higher than becoming a delegator. There are two basic requirements to running a Storeman node:


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