Loom Network Roadmap 2020–2021

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Much has changed since we published our last roadmap, we pivoted toward enterprise solutions for healthcare providers and government departments, and then COVID-19 started to spread across the globe. Shortly after COVID-19 arrived in Thailand we asked the staff at our HQ to work from home to keep everyone safe. Some found the transition to working from home harder than others, and our schedule has slipped a little bit while everyone re-adjusted to the new normal. However, we’ve been extremely fortunate in that our staff has continued to do great work during these challenging times.

In the last few articles we announced that we’re working on the next major version of the Loom protocol, on top of which we’ll ship a distributed enterprise platform that will allow healthcare providers and government departments to manage their documents. The new protocol and enterprise platform will also introduce a number of new use cases for the LOOM token. The current timeline for all those changes can be seen below.

2020 Q3

We aim to implement most of the core features of the next major version of the Loom protocol by the end of the year. To recap, this includes:

  • Upgraded consensus engine.
  • Upgraded EVM.
  • A WASM runtime to support performant and upgradable smart contracts to replace native Go smart contracts.
  • Transaction and storage fees.
  • Per-user transaction throttling and quotas that can be specified on a per-contract basis to allow dapp developers to control costs.

2020 Q4

Once the core protocol features are in place we’ll build out the document management platform that will handle document authentication, document storage, document sharing, and time-bound documents.

2021 Q1

The Extdev testnet will be upgraded to the new version of the Loom protocol and we’ll begin testing with our enterprise clients. Once any major ...

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