Loopring AMA Series: Vesper Finance

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We’re happy to present the 2nd edition of our new AMA Series, where we take a look into some our new and ongoing Partners who have helped us bootstrap the Loopring Layer 2 ecosystem.

The following is an AMA with the Vesper Finance team — conducted over a week on Reddit, with questions sourced from both Reddit +Discord.

Vesper provides a suite of yield-generating products, focused on accessibility, optimization, and longevity.

You may have already noticed Vesper (VSP) as part of our Liquidity Mining programs in the AMM + orderbooks. These programs will be ongoing and a way of distributing their token to a wider audience!

Until June 9th you can earn a piece of ~ 2,000 VSP rewards by providing liquidity on the VSP/ETH + VSP/DAI orderbook pairs!

To participate in future AMAs, please check out our official Reddit +Discord and stay tuned.

How does Vesper position itself vs. other yield aggregator protocols?

Vesper :
At the highest level, we are bringing a greater level of professionalism into the DeFi category without sacrificing the energy that got DeFi to where it is. Some early evidence of this (we launched fewer than three months ago) comes in the form of our community-approved collaboration with Blockforce Capital — a hedge fund where Blockforce’s accredited-investor clients get access to DeFi and the Vesper community gets 25% of the fund’s net management fees.

Is it possible to integrate your vETH pool directly onto Loopring L2? I would put my ETH into this if it was an option on Loopring?

Vesper :
Short answer? We’d love for Loopring and other L2s to integrate with our vETH pool. Probably the best place to pursue this is by going to the #dev-general channel in Discord. (https://discord.gg/jMXZ6dnERe)

Is there counterparty risk or other risks associated with any of ...

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