Loopring announces a collaboration with DAOSquare and an exclusive lucky draw for Loopring Smart…

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Loopring announces a collaboration with DAOSquare and an exclusive lucky draw for Loopring Smart Wallet users!

Loopring Smart Wallet has recently launched exciting new features, opening up a new era on Ethereum Layer 2. To thank Loopring Smart Wallet users for their support, Loopring will resell some of the new project tokens held by Loopring at a price lower than the opening price of the AMM pool, and distribute them directly through layer 2, allowing users to participate in subsequent trading competitions and liquidity mining activities directly and with low cost.

DAOSquare and Loopring will conduct a red-packet event to bring exclusive discounts to Loopring Smart Wallet users. During this event, Loopring Smart Wallet Users have the opportunity to participate in 2 different activities to win or secure a fixed proportion of the super-large allocation pool of RICE.

Activity Time:

May 21, 2021, 12:00 -May 22, 2021, 12:00 (UTC)

Token Allocation:

200,000 RICE

Activity Rules:

Activity 1: Create a love red packet and win 5000 RICE redemption rights at a fixed preferential rate!

  1. The event is limited to Loopring smart wallet addresses to participate;
  2. Users who register Loopring Smart Wallet only need to send out a 5.20 LRC public Lucky red packet during the event period, the count amount (quantity of people that can receive) of which is not less than 2, and the red packet is collected during the event period, they can have a fixed ratio to exchange for 5000 RICE rights, eligibility for the lottery is limited to 10 winning users;
  3. We will take the 12491024 blocks of the Ethereum main network as the initial lottery block number. This block is expected to occur around May 23, 2021, at 12:00 (UTC). Click on the link to view the specific lottery rules.
  4. We will announce the winners list on May 23, 2021. ...

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