Loopring DPR Lottery Mechanism

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Loopring DPR lottery event and swap tournament ended with great enthusiasm and record setting volume. Now the lottery entitlement wallet address list and lottery mechanism are announced as follows.

Lottery entitlement wallet address list

The following addresses can join the lucky draw for one of 30 eligibility to subscribe to 50,000 DPR at USD 0.02/DPR: https://loopring.io/activities/DPR/en/.

Lottery mechanism

1. We take the 12294096 block of the Ethereum mainnet as the initial lottery block number;

2. Sort all the remaining addresses in the lottery in ascending lexicographical order, starting with 0;

3. The number of the winners this time is the block hash value corresponding to the current lottery block number and the remainder after taking the modulo of the total number of participants in the lottery;

4. Remove this winning address;

5. The lottery block number plus one;

6. Repeat steps 2–5 for a total of 30 times.

Lottery example

Assuming that 9 people participated in the lucky draw, there are 2 winners, the lottery block number starts from the 12282650 block of the Ethereum mainnet,

List of addresses for 9 people:

After sorting in ascending lexicographical order, and numbering from 0:

The hash value of Ethereum 12282650 block: 0x34326756290c7a4bf3857927fef8d7d07423fdaa20e74dd0822838fd482e063e.



Therefore, the number of the first winner is 3 and the address is 0x66dec9b38a4181063444ad66fc32abc6b1146cca.

The second round of the lucky draw list is:


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