Loopring is Growing

And so is our team! We’re thrilled to announce six new hires. Loopring has been hiring for positions in community, growth, market making, and backend development. This should signal the intention for a heavy focus on marketing, providing deeper liquidity to the rollup, and relayer enhancements moving forward.

Adam Browman, Head of Growth

Before joining Loopring, Adam founded a social gaming company, managed risk for an online sportsbook, and worked in sales and digital marketing for an international travel organization.

Adam Browman

Along the way, Adam fell down the crypto rabbit hole and saw the inevitable future of DEXs. Not so long after, he discovered Loopring and quickly became a strong believer.

“It’s been amazing to see Loopring’s evolution. It’s known that Loopring has some of the best builders in the space but they are so much more than that. This team continues to solve Ethereum’s biggest challenges and have never been afraid to reinvent. I couldn’t be more thrilled to help grow this ecosystem and move the community forward. I’m excited for what the future of ZKP holds and the applications we’ll be able to harness with this technology, for Ethereum and the next wave of deFi users.”

Byron Wiebe, Head of Community

Byron also comes to Loopring with a strong financial and business background. After completing a Finance degree, he spent 5 years founding and growing a large retail consumer product company of his own.

Byron Wiebe

After selling this company, he returned to his financial roots and became a prop trader for 2 years in the traditional markets, focusing mainly on forex/macro trading and arbitrage until discovering cryptocurrency in early 2017 and never looking back from there.

He immediately saw the vast potential in all things Ethereum and decentralized finance and became a deep believer and community member of Loopring before ...

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