Loopring L2 Liquidity Mining: Round 4

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Get ready for round 4 of incentives on Loopring’s L2 AMM & Orderbook exchange, beginning at 00:00 UTC March 4th, and lasting 14 days. We’ve got some great projects helping incentivize the shift to Ethereum rollups, so if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, now is the time!

L2 Liquidity Mining Round 4

We’ll launch the fourth round of incentives at 00:00 UTC, March 4th, which lasts 14 days. You can participate on the Loopring Exchange at exchange.loopring.io, and also via the Loopring Wallet mobile app.

1. AMM: Liquidity Mining & Swap Tournament

The following AMM pools will support liquidity mining and swap tournament. Liquidity mining incentivizes LPs in the relevant pool, while swap tournament rewards the largest swappers in the relevant pool.

Rewards for AMM LPs:

The above rewards come from the awesome projects themselves. Respectively, PieDAO, Fuse, Rari Capital, and Index Coop.

Rewards for AMM swappers:

The LRC swap tournament rewards comes from Loopring itself. Note the addition of an AMM pool for swap tournament which does not have LP rewards, Vesper (that’s because Vesper is incentivizing VSP-ETH orderbooks, not AMM pool, see below!)

2. Orderbook: Liquidity Mining

Loopring incentivizes the $ stablecoin-stablecoin pairs as has been the case in past, while Vesper is incentivizing the newly launched VSP-ETH orderbook pair.


1. AMM Liquidity Mining

  • This round starts at 00:00 UTC on March 4th, 2021, and lasts for 14 days.
  • We take random snapshots of the relevant AMM pools several times per day to calculate the size of reward each LP earns based on the average of all snapshot balances in the round.
  • Rewards will be directly distributed to LP’s layer-2 accounts within three days of the end of the round.
  • Providing liquidity is how you mine. You automatically start mining without any other user action....

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