Loopring L2 User Appreciation and VIP Account Statuses

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We sent 100 LRC each to people for their support and early adoption of our zkRollup layer-2 and the new Loopring smart wallet. Thank you.❤️

Loopring Protocol v3.1 Users (aka Loopring Exchange v1)

All users who had a Loopring Layer-2 account in protocol v3.1 (what we refer to as Loopring Exchange v1) up until November 27th, now automatically have 100 LRC waiting for them in Loopring v3.6, what we refer to as Loopring Exchange v2, which is available at exchange.loopring.io.

If you access exchange.loopring.io with the same address you used on Loopring Exchange v1, you will see your 100 LRC waiting for you on v2 — on Layer 2.

Since both versions are effectively distinct Layer-2s, you must re-onboard to the new version, if you haven’t already. All it takes is one on-chain transaction to get aboard. [Video of onboarding.]

This represents 7xxx users, all of whom have been Ethereum L2 pioneers, getting onto Loopring over the past 10 months — the first rollup around! We really appreciate your support. This is just a small thank you.

Your LRC is already waiting for you on L2.

LRC Stakers

If you have ever staked LRC, you also receive 100 LRC in your Loopring L2 account (again on the new protocol, v3.6). Just take your staking address to access exchange.loopring.io, and find your LRC waiting for you on L2.


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