Loopring Quarterly Update: 2021/Q1

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This is the first edition of the Loopring Quarterly Update, the successor to the Loopring Monthly Update. The change of pace comes with the maturity of Loopring from a heavy R&D-driven project, to a project with more stable technology. In turn, we focus more on the commercialization of the protocol through our suite of products, so our updates are more apparent right in the hands of users, with less need for frequent written recaps. You can receive these updates in your inbox every quarter by subscribing here.

When 2020 came to an end, the Ethereum landscape was really getting more familiar with the concept of layer-2 scaling and rollups, and Loopring was finding its way into mainstream usage and discussion (or at least mainstream in the context of Ethereum!). The impetus, like most things, was necessity — gas prices reaching new heights made Ethereum L1 difficult or impossible to maneuver for everyone but the largest whales. Gas-free L2 was salvation. This trend has continued, and we now see L2 top of mind for many participants in the space — from end-users to dapp developers to infrastructure builders.

The last monthly update we wrote, in December 2020, saw us fresh off the launch of our massively upgraded protocol (v3.6), and our mobile smart contract wallet launch (on Android). The new protocol unveiled an Ethereum zkRollup AMM for the first time, which was quite an achievement, and drove lots of new users and assets to our L2. The first quarter of 2021 has allowed us to see our new protocol and products in the wild, learn from it, and further improve.

While the protocol and relayer still make meaningful advancements, we have begun to buckle down on the areas we seek to make the largest impact: users’ lives. This means Loopring has spent early ...

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