Loopring Smart Wallet RICE Party Event Recap

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The RICE Party event jointly organized by Loopring and DAOSquare has ended successfully. The event was warmly welcomed by Loopring wallet new and old users.

In the “150000 RICE at your grasp” event, a total of 399 people can redeem 150,000 RICE equities equally, and the per capita quota is 375 RICE.

In addition, the “Luckydraw through Red Packet” event has been warmly welcomed by everyone. From the beginning of the event, a total of 393 people are eligible for the raffle, and 10 of the luckiest people will win 5000 RICE redemption rights at a fixed preferential rate.

Tomorrow night we will openly select the ten luckiest people at random! We will take the 12491024 blocks of the Ethereum mainnet as the initial lottery block number. This block is expected to occur around 20:00 (UTC+8) May 23. We will announce the detailed drawing process when we announce the winners.

The following is the list of addresses participating in the Loopring Smart Wallet RICE Party event:

Activity one: Luckydraw through Red Packet:


Activity two: 150000 RICE at your grasp:


The following are the rules of the activities that have been announced:


If you have participated in the event and meet the requirements but are not on the list, please contact our staff on discord before 12:00(UTC+8) on May 23.

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DAOSquare is building an incubator belonging to the Web3 era. It has completed two rounds of financing. It is an innovative project favored by capital, including Hashkey, Alameda, and more than 30 well-known capital institutions worldwide. At the same time, DAOSquare is also incubating the current popular NFT project. They are committed to building a resource network to benefit all participants....

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