Loopring Wallet RICE Party Winners List

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The RICE Party wallet event jointly organized by Loopring and DAOSquare has ended successfully. Now the event results are announced as follows.

Regarding the red-packet lucky draw event, 10 winning addresses are eligible to subscribe for 50,00 RICE at USD0.8/RICE. Click the link to check the lottery mechanism.

10 winning addresses are as follows:


1. LRC exchange price: $0.31 (Coinmarketcap close price on May 22);

2. RICE exchange price: $0.8;

3. The winners need to transfer 12903 LRC to the layer 2 account of earn.loopring.eth through layer-2 transfer before May 24 22:00(UTC+8); if the transfer is not completed within the time limit, it will be deemed to have automatically given up the redemption rights, click the link to view the layer-2 transfer tutorial;

4. We will uniformly distribute RICE to your Loopring Wallet layer 2 accounts before our RICE AMM pool opens;

5. Loopring reserves the right of final decision and interpretation of the rules.

In addition, a total of 399 people can redeem 150,000 RICE equally, and the per capita quota is 375 RICE.

The following 399 Loopring smart wallet addresses can have the right to redeem 375 RICE: http://loopring.io/activities/DAOSquare-red-packet/en.



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