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( A Complete Guide to the Loopring Layer-2 Ecosystem )

The year is 2030 — Earth (Ethereum)’s population has now been completely migrated off planet (Layer-2), with Earth becoming exclusively the security for these new colonies (the Global Settlement Layer).

In 2021, populations on Earth were becoming too large. It was overcrowded and becoming more-and-more inhabitable due to environmental sustainability concerns, so low-Earth-orbit Stations (Layer-2s) began to emerge.

These new Utopia Stations (like Loopring Station) rekindled hope for the future.

They were secured in Earth’s orbit using Earth’s gravity. This way, if anything should ever happen to these new Utopia Stations, one could easily fall back to the security of Earth using its gravity through escape pods (force withdrawals back to L1).

Early on, people attempted to live part-time between these Stations and Earth, but this just proved to be too costly. Ship transfers to and from Earth (deposits + withdrawals) were just too expensive (so much fuel!). These new Utopias needed to become full-time, all-encompassing new homes.

Due to the exponential growth of the human population (Ethereans) and subsequent demand, a few Utopia Stations were built (other Layer-2s) across low-Earth-orbit.

Luckily, thanks to major innovations like Loopring Station’s EthPort — hyperloops were built between Loopring Station + Earth as well as Loopring Station + other stations, so people could easily use Loopring Station as a home-base and quickly and cheaply port to another station or Earth + back in a zap (one block) if needed.

Just like Earth had numerous countries with different cultures and values, these Utopia Stations evolved in a similar way. People chose to reside mainly on one or the other, as a home-base, depending on their personal preferences, cultures or values.

By 2030, Earth had migrated completely off planet and everyone lived in harmony on their new space homes, travelling freely between.

Okay — analogies are ...

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