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Ever since the pandemic overwhelmed our planet, people across the globe have found themselves bound to their homes. Nothing has changed for some, while the lives of others were drastically changed by the lockdowns. Perhaps you have noticed some people, or maybe even yourself, longing for the social interactions we all had pre-pandemic times. Since our ‘world’ may have become significantly smaller, the internet and its services built on top allegedly are proving to be more valuable than ever. For example: work, studies, grocery shopping, entertainment and most social interactions shifted to an online environment. Imposed restrictions in many countries led to discontent, while at the same time new opportunities have arisen. Opportunities you personally may even have taken advantage of, such as picking up courses and learning valuable skills to position yourself better in this online world. Companies have also taken advantage of these new opportunities. Remote work grew in popularity, costs were reduced (e.g. office space and transportation) and it appears a new business-standard has emerged.

Within the context of an ever changing and digitizing world, we have noticed a growing demand for home studio equipment. Content creation, sales pitches and video conferences need to be of high quality, while simultaneously special equipment such as drones is being utilized for remote travelling using Virtual Reality technology. This technology essentially allows one to combine offline and online events.

As a robust network, the Ambrosus Blockchain is positioned as an optimal solution for partners identification, content, and contract confirmation storage for online meetings. With AMB-NET, the storage of such and any information happens in a fast, reliable manner at a low cost and a high level of security. Ambrosus newest partner 4club is specialized in the sales of studio equipment as well as musical instruments. The coming trajectory of this pilot ...

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