Mainnet AMA Recap — Guest: aelf’s CEO & COO

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Mainnet AMA Recap — Guest: aelf’s CEO & COO

Zhuling Chen’s talk

We like to think about aelf as a space-station. Today is the launch of the core piece of the space-station (the mainchain), and we will see how stable it is as a foundation of the whole ecosystem.

In the coming weeks, the side chains will be launched and connected with mainchain to form the space-station. That is where we will see how grand the whole architecture is exciting things coming up for all of us to look forward: 1. token swap with exchanges 2. node election 3. dapp deployment

Pre-submitted questions

1Q: How does $ELF handle cross-chain issues like slow transaction speed and high fees? What kind of Real-World Data and APIs can $ELF connect to smart Contract?

1A: aelf has an elegant design CCTP (cross-chain transfer protocol) of using merkle roots to enable cross-chain communication. aelf has made partnership with chainlink to bring real world data and APIs onto smart contract

2Q: Have you tested the security of the aelf mainnet? What role can the mainnet play in the next step for aelf?

2A: The test is over. The launch of the mainnet is a sign that paves the way for the following DApp development (especially DeFi). The joining of high-performance production nodes and the deployment of enterprise alliance chain.

3Q: As far as I know, the mainnet of aelf will be launched soon, so do the aelf tokens currently held by users need to be replaced with new mainnet tokens? How to replace? When can it be replaced?

3A: Haobo: Yes, all ERC20 ELF tokens will be migrated to mainnet ELF tokens. We will conduct the migration together with exchanges to ensure it is easy and secure. We have developed CCTP for cross chain transfer and Centralized Asset management protocol for exchanges to ...

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