Mainnet v1.2 — Activating the Cambrian Explosion on IoTeX

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Mainnet v1.2 — Activating the Cambrian Explosion on IoTeX

Today is a big day for the IoTeX Network — Mainnet v1.2 is officially LIVE! This is not just your typical code upgrade. Mainnet v1.2 introduces paradigm-shifting capabilities that will activate a Cambrian Explosion of new DApps, tokens, and protocols on the IoTeX Network. Just as the Cambrian Explosion birthed the world’s first advanced organisms over 500 million years ago, Mainnet v1.2 will spark IoTeX’s largest wave of innovation yet and cement our position as an indispensable hub for the decentralized economy.

An explosion of new DApps + Tokens are coming to IoTeX

Mainnet v1.2 delivers powerful security, reliability, and dev-tool upgrades, but most importantly it introduces the Babel web3.js API, an in-house turnkey solution that connects IoTeX to Ethereum and other EVM-compatible blockchains like never before. With Babel:

  • Developers can a) port over any EVM-compatible DApps & Tokens to IoTeX in minutes with no configuration required, b) enjoy the scalability, ultra-low fees, 5-sec block times, and security of the IoTeX blockchain, and c) utilize IoTeX-only features like real world data and decentralized identity (DID) to take their DApps to the next level
  • Users can enjoy their favorite EVM-compatible tools like MetaMask on IoTeX just by setting an RPC endpoint — no dev experience required!
  • Token holders can marvel at the influx of new DApps and tokens that will come to life on IoTeX’s scalable, fast, and low-cost platform

In the rest of this blog, we explain in detail the vast opportunities that Mainnet v1.2 will enable for the IoTeX Network.

The IoTeX Platform — Ready for the Masses

There has never been a better time to build on IoTeX, which is now one of the most holistic platforms in the entire industry. With Mainnet v1.2 and Babel API, developers can enjoy out-of-the-box compatibility with ...

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