Major Upgrade of Wanchain-Based Dark Forest, Exploring Universe Artifact NFTs

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What is Dark Forest?

Dark Forest was first developed by the team of the Ethereum community and released to the Ethereum blockchain (Original Dark Forest URL: It became more and more popular among Ethereum players. What is more noteworthy is that this game is also loved and appreciated by many influential users such as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Figma CEO Dylan Field, etc.

With the characteristics of open source code, continued popularity, trendy contents, coupled with the high efficiency and low gas fee of the Ethereum dapp to be migrated to Wanchain, Ethereum-based Dark Forest was re-developed and re-deployed on the Wanchain blockchain by Wanchain developers in early December last year. This is the game about universe exploration and interstellar conquest. It is also the first NFT Dapp in the Wanchain ecosystem. Here, we are particularly grateful to the Ethereum-based Dark Forest team for all their efforts on this game, and also thank the developers from Wanchain for introducing such a high-quality Dapp from Ethereum to Wanchain, making great contribution to the prosperity of the Wanchain ecosystem.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a token with uniqueness and inseparability. The well-known CryptoKitty tokens are typical NFTs, and the tokenized collectibles and game props are very suitable for converting themselves to NFTs.

In Dark Forest, artifacts hidden on different planets have different values ​​due to their different types and scarcity. Each planet conquered and developed by players has different coordinates and levels, attributes, so the power of planet is also different with each other. All of these resources constitute the rich NFT assets in the Dark Forest game. In the future, players can even take their planetary assets to the NFT trading market for trading, just like trading game props between players in traditional games.

Wanchain-based Dark Forest:

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