March to Mainnet: Progress Update II

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Hard Fork Rehearsal is Commencing

Dear BLZ Soldiers,

As of today, the Bluzelle soft-mainnet has successfully surpassed 1,500,000 in block height. With the team’s hard work and effort, we are proud to inform that the new test network is now ready for public testing. This is a rehearsal for network hard fork to the production mainnet.

We have chosen the best mainnet upgrade strategy that only requires the efforts of validators to accomplish the update. Our strategy greatly reduces all the fuzz to withdraw and redeposit tokens for delegators, while keeping the staking record accurate during transition.

It is a good time for us to celebrate this small milestone together with our community and also provide an update of what we have achieved in the past month and our progress to mainnet.

Development Update

The Bluzelle team is playing an important role in the Tendermint/COSMOS ecosystem. We believe that contributing to the ecosystem by identifying bugs and issues will definitely help to improve the security of the Bluzelle network. Apart from the major bugs we uncovered during the Swarm of Duty campaign back in July, we have continued to identify and fix more in the past months. Those include:

  • Consensus failure after hard fork (read more)
  • Failure to fork a network with a small number of validators (read more)
  • Incorrect behaviour in query txs when limit is set over 100 (read more)
  • Unicode appeared in the response to transaction queries (read more)
  • Incorrect help text in Cosmos SDK (read more)
  • Bugs that caused Bluzelle Bridge to stop working in some cases

We also implemented many more new features to improve the usability, user experience and security of the Bluzelle network, including:

  • Added support for network hard fork
  • Added support for SSL on all sentries
  • Added support for SSL on BigDipper ...

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