March To Mainnet Update: The Countdown is ON!

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Join us for a 15-day countdown and celebrate together

Dear Community,

Following the closing of the Hard Fork Contest, we are excited to confirm the launch of Mainnet on February 3, just 15 days from now! This grand debut of the Bluzelle network will mark the arrival of decentralized storage that can operate at massive scale, with super low latency, and with industry-changing anti-censorship features.

Bluzelle enables dApps on any blockchain to securely store their data without having to rely on centralized data centers. Our soft mainnet was launched back in August, which has now surpassed 2 million blocks and attracted extensive participation from the Bluzelle community. The mainnet is already being used by several teams keen on building real applications that can benefit from Bluzelle’s database.

The release of the Bluzelle mainnet follows the success of two incentivized testnets last July (Swarm of Duty 1) and December (Swarm of Duty 2), in which its networks was stress-tested and battle-tested for bugs, weaknesses, etc. Notably, Bluzelle set industry records with 200+ validators choosing to participate in these testnets.

The production mainnet is a hard fork from the soft mainnet, meaning that users who have been interacting with the latter can easily switch to and stake in the former — all existing accounts are being ported over transparently.

To recap, we have implemented a series of enhancements to security and speed from the Soft Mainnet:

  • Support for SSL on all sentries, BigDipper & Census. Every aspect of the Bluzelle network and interface are HTTPS encrypted. This is the standard for web-based security.
  • Increased flexibility for validators with updated jailing criteria
  • Optimized gas algorithm and tax module for ideal and fair economic usage of network and healthier revenue streams for the community
  • Support for transaction batching that vastly improves TPS (transactions per second) for the network. ...

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