Marshall’s AMA with WazirX – MTL, Proton, and more!

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Our CEO, Marshall Hayner, recently sat down with the team from WazirX to celebrate them listing our first cryptocurrency, Metal (MTL), on their exchange! WazirX is one of the largest and most trusted exchanges in India; adding MTL to this exchange gives over a billion people access to our highly useful cryptocurrency and brings new people into the Metal ecosystem.

Marshall’s AMA with WazirX was one of the most active he’s ever participated in. Not only did Marshall give an excellent overview of Metal and Proton, but he also offered some new nuggets of information about both of these projects that our users will find exciting. Here are his answers to the 10 questions he was asked by the moderator:

Marshall: What’s so exciting about [Metal] is it started with two dreamers trying to build a better PayPal. Now, almost 5 years later, companies like PayPal, Facebook, and other tech giants are copying Metal. We’re moving at light speed faster than ever with a team of over 50 people, venture funded, and PayPal is lagging behind – trying to catch up – not understanding the true value, which is: YOU.
Community drives cryptocurrency and the decentralized networks that power it. Together we are bigger than any tech company, any single entity; we build together, we fight together, and in the end, the crypto community wins together.


Question 1: What are the best characteristics of Metal and Lynx that when merged produce an excellent project like Proton Chain?

Marshall: Lynx was a startup we acquired earlier this year, they were essentially the top EOS wallet at the time and they had started to build a network called Lynx Chain which I found really interesting. First and foremost it had the ability to get up to 4,000+ transactions per second. ...

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