Meet Italy’s Gabriele Floria Cliniche Dentali SRL

We are pleased to meet you with the exceptional Dr. Gabriele Floria from Gabriele Floria Cliniche Dentali SRL — а modern clinic situated in Florence, Italy that specializes in orthodontics treatment. Besides his work-related duties, Dr. Floria is also an active member of Italy’s dentistry community, as he participates in different dental associations, including the Presidency of the National Association of Orthodontics Specialists. Keeping up with the new trends and technologies naturally led Dr. Floria to explore blockchain technology. And, could we talk about innovations in dentistry without mentioning Dentacoin? Learn why …


Treating with Comfort

With a main office located in the center of Florence, Italy, and a branch in the province of Pistoia, the dental team of Cliniche Dentali SRL conducts a variety of dental treatments for children and adults. Furthermore, the clinic uses digital intraoral scanners, 3D printers, and digital X-Ray machines that are proudly and widely used for the patient benefit.

You will be amazed by Dr. Floria’s dedication to dentistry as you look through his rich experience throughout the years. After finishing his specialization as an Orthodontist at the University of Pavia, he has been involved in many responsible positions in both the public and private sectors. What is more, he’s in the team of creators for a couple of Italian websites dedicated to dentistry, including the largest Italian community of dentists, eDentist. He is devoted to These days he deals exclusively with customized lingual orthodontics with computer-aided design methods.


Changing Perceptions About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Doctor Floria shared with us that he treats a lot of foreign students. Dentacoin, being a decentralized payment system, allows him and the patients to transfer money in an easier and cheaper way. He further shared that he really likes the educational approach that Dentacoin’s app has.

“It gives kids a strong motivational drive to ...

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