Meet our Head of APAC, Gary Gupta

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I am delighted to welcome Gary Gupta to WePower who will be leading our activities in the The Asia-Pacific region. APAC has become our center for product development due to natural conditions of the market that is the front-runner in integrating renewable energy into the grid faster than any other region in the world.

Gary’s background is in Energy Retail Operations and Sales with 15 years experience. Gary brings along his ability to build strong relationships, design policies that align with overall business objectives, execute innovative strategies to achieve operational and business acquisition objectives, all while providing a stable working environment within a motivated and cohesive team.

Gary has in-depth knowledge of the Australian energy markets and has the ability to communicate that experience to diverse groups of staff and clients. He brings along his unique ability to resolve challenges in the ever changing Australian Energy Retail landscape including experience within Renewables Billing and Operational aspects.

For the past five years, Gary was leading the entire Retail and Energy Management Operations unit at Flow Power and Utilacor which consist of eight different business units. He managed a diverse group of about 40 Managers and Senior Analysts, led several industry based projects, and oversaw implementation of technology solutions throughout the organization.

When I asked Gary about why he decided to join WePower, he said that he is excited by what’s happening in the renewable space and how WePower’s platform connects energy suppliers, corroborate buyers, energy producers for easy, direct green transactions. He likes that WePower has the ability to resolve ‘real’ problems that exist in the APAC Energy Market for Retailers and Generators. Gary also believes that with his knowledge about the retail energy market, he can make a difference and add value to WePower’s vision.

Welcome, Gary! It’s great to have you ...

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