Meet the winners: Golem + Gitcoin GR9 Hackathon 2021

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Meet the winners: Golem + Gitcoin GR9 Hackathon 2021

Here we go! The latest Golem hackathon is coming to a close. We’ve loved all the projects participating in the Golem Mainnet Hackathon and now we’re announcing the winners. To recap: since the previous hackathon we’ve released mainnet, launched the bug bounty, created Yagna Compatibility Policy and Guidelines, had two patch releases, moved two previous hackathon submissions to mainnet (ChessOnGolem and Golem SLATE), started an alpha version of a statistics page which is open to the community and we’ve been working hard to collect feedback along the way.

For this hackathon, the Hackathon’s Judging Committee was formed by several individuals from the Golem team; Kuba K., Magda, María Paula, Mattias, Phillip, Piotrek S., and Marek, and an awesome community member, Stelballe!

This hackathon had a total of four category contestants: Open Track, Gaming on Golem, Golem + MIT Solve for Social Good, and Hack Golem. We had 21 projects building on Golem and there were 323 projects in the GR9 Hackathon overall.

So now we will dive into the winners!

Hack Golem (1000 USDC)

Gaming on Golem (2000 USDC)

Golem + MIT Solve for Social Good (2000 USDC):

Since we didn't receive submissions specific for this category, we took the liberty to examine whether other projects would meet the Social Good criteria: We’d love for someone to build an app with a use-case that can help people or the natural environment. Subsequently, we put the submissions under the Social Good lenses, and we felt that one project met the criteria, we can see it has having multiple potential social good applications.

AND, the 4 winners of the Open Track -  main prize, being given a prize of 5000 USDC

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